Chaos Theories of Goodness


Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt


In Chaos Theories of Goodness, Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt provides insight into the true nature of gratitude and grace. Sensitive to the stress and global uncertainty accompanying the Covid-19 pandemic, she reflects on her daily life and times during the spring of 2020 and points us to where she finds essential hope and a belief in a better future. “And then, together,/ in our rickety, wonderful boat, / we’ll ride out the storm.”












In the quotidian and in global concerns during “the plague of our times,” Bellehumeur-Allatt offers poems of attention. These poems, prayer-like, hold compassion and hope as the contemplative breathes deeply, taking her lessons from the natural world, the hawk and the deer, foraging for fiddleheads “to feast in the anxious season.”

—Connie T. Braun, author of Silentium


Informed by a quiet generosity, these poems ask us to look up from our sometimes difficult lives and to imagine joy. Often we see only struggle, our own or that of others, but Bellehumeir-Allatt proposes that joy and beauty are there, if we pay attention.

—Kathleen McHale, author of The Intimate Alphabet


Review by Steve Luxton in the Townships Sun

In her poetry collection about the Covid epidemic, Chaos Theories of Goodness, Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt remarks that if you’d predicted during the cheerful New Year’s celebration of 2020, what actually was about to happen, she would never have believed it, let alone imagined it. But it did, and so now, with her wings and ours too, clipped, she shows how the use of imagination gave her a path through the ordeal.







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