Carole Martignacco

A Bowl of Orange Suns

Carole Martignacco


In A Bowl of Orange Suns, the splendid and benign colour “orange” transmigrates vividly across the boundaries of the physical dimensions and senses. Becomes for Martignacco almost a sacred hue. For these accessible but crafted poems are not just engaged in fully reproducing the world’s rich surface colours, textures and appearances, they comprise songs from a life-long, active spiritual quest during which the poet has learned that “only the deep can teach.”





"From tangerines to monkish robes, daylilies to Agent Orange, Carole Martignacco’s poems are drenched in colour. The blazing vibrancy of her images allows her searching, curious spirit to take flight. A Bowl of Orange Suns is a constant pleasure – a poetry collection infused by the light of the physical world as well as the luminous grace of mind and heart."

— Mark Abley, author of The Organist and The Tongues of Earth


"These poems are thoughtful, full of light and show the eye of a painter. From childhood memories to humorous observations and quiet prayers, this is a book to share."

—Derek Webster, author of Mockingbird


"These graceful, discerning poems vividly recreate the world and that of the spirit through their adoration of lustrous, pulsing colour." 

—Steve Luxton, author of The Dying Meteorologist


"Carole Martignacco, poet, visionary, minister, and mystic, shows us how to find and savor the sacred in the everyday ordinary. And then, she goes a little deeper, becoming one with the thought, the word and the deed... taking the reader into the very heart of each poem and out the other side, each time with a new perspective.

This is a book you will return to again and again. Its richness and its depth, like the orange sun, retains a sweetness and a nuance of color that transcend the printed page."

—Rev. Dr. Judith Campbell


“I want to grow
brilliant inside, be
thoroughly coloured by
the old, new astonishing
juice of this blossoming world
with all who have touched or ever will
these objects I’ve found to anchor me here
before I pass them on”

- from To Feast, To Live













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