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In 1954 Marjorie Holley was one of the last teachers still presiding over a one-room school in the Upper Ottawa valley. The old log school in Grattan Township had been her responsibility for six years. As her first job, it was a time for learning as well as teaching, and a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

“Miss Holley” went on to teach and retired in 1996, when she finally had time to chronicle her years as a county schoolteacher in a one-room school. Walk Up the Creek captures the spirit of one rural community, the centre of which was its school. The spirit of the Great Blue heron, which gives the book its title, is also captured in the delightful story of a teacher and her students of SS. #7 Grattan.

The author and the students learn amidst the joys and rigours of this rustic, natural habitat.

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