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Over a hundred haiku views of the astonishing tulip!

By turns light-hearted and poignant, this masterful collection of three-line poems by members of Haiku Canada pays tribute to the most celebrated of flowers, and shows how tulips have touched almost every aspect of our lives.

“A delightful anthology! Tulips and haiku — the correlation is remarkable in that both the flower and the poetic form appear deceptively simple yet embody complex arrays of possibility. There is more than a full spectrum of color among these pages. There is a rich variety of voices and styles, and a broad range of emotions. We move from serenity to startlement, sadness to hilarity, and from purely innocent attentiveness to playful eroticism. The quality of work is top notch and thoughtfully arranged. The preface includes a nicely condensed history of both tulips and haiku. Each subsequent reading of this fine collection produces a wealth of new pleasures and insights.” –Christopher Herold, author of A Path in the Garden

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