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White hendkerchief

Serge Sabourin gives us five stories of India in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. He spent quite a lot of time there returning with tales of ordinary events, such as riding on a train, but it was the people on the train that intrigued him, and his interaction with them.
This is true with all the stories. We see him in the city of the ghats and the tales people told him. A simple shoe-shine box becomes the focus of tricky free trade agreement. The story of the birds shares ornithology with dreams. And the Old Woman stays with us always, and the fragrance of amber….
Friends would hear these tales in story sessions. One such session was tape-recorded and later translated and written down for posterity.
David Schonfeld writres: “Serge Sabourin has a fine ear and eyes. His characterizations are deft. He holds the reader’s attention and captures the essence of the Westerner’s experience of India.”
From Carol Harwood: “I was touched by what I read: the stories’ great humanity, the tenderness deeply expressing the best part of what it is to be human.”


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