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Mary Hillis and Norman Belfry met in 1925. They were descendants of families who, in the mists of time, had settled in such diverse locations as Northern Ireland, the Palatinate of Germany and central France, and who were beginning to spread their wings. Gradually the world was opening up and countrymen from many locales were in search of new adventures, new vistas and new ways of life.

We will glimpse the lives of ensuing generations as they travelled to new lands, raised families and contributed to society. Our lives today have been enriched by the bold actions of a host of these visionaries. We are very much in their debt. Their stories of past hardships and sorrows, joy and accomplishments have been told from my Story Chair and in cozy corners across the land.

Such a heritage!

Readers with an interest in the experiences of ancestors who dug the soil and helped settlements grow into communities, as well as budding genealogists curious about their heritage might find this book an inspiration for gathering their own personal family stories and histories.

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