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On his way to work in Saskatchewan in 1912, Bernard Haltrecht meets Dora Ratner in Montreal. Dora goes to work for the Grand Trunk Railway and waits for Bernard to return. After attending Queen’s University, Bernard does return to marry Dora in 1921. The letters they wrote during this eight-year period were the inspiration for this book.

They move to St. Louis Square in Montreal and Bernard becomes a founding director of JAIS, the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society, where he helped rescue Jewish refugees from eastern Europe. After Muriel and Stanley are born, Bernard tries to enter McGill Law School but is denied access. Determined, he challenges the Board of Notaries and wins. He becomes a respected Notary but does not live to an old age.

“A touching and fascinating love story. This well written biography creates a vivid portrait of the author’s parents who came to Canada during the early years of the last century. Muriel Gold truly brings their world to life. A book to be highly recommended for anyone interested in Canada’a social history.” –Sam Gesser

“Courtship was courtly in those days. Only after they had known each other for six years did Dora and Bernard venture to address each other by their first names. They were Muriel Gold’s parents and in telling their story, Muriel gives us a picture both charming and vivid of life in the early decades of the twentieth century. This chronicle of a Jewish family in Montreal abounds with memorable characters and events and is a real pleasure to read.” –William Weintraub.

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