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This is the story of Acadians in Almeria — the Doucet family from New Brunswick who spend nine years in Southern Spain. The author recounts with humour and affection those days of sun and blue skies, of goats and burros, of markets and churches, of alcaparras and thyme. But when she describes the people of Aguadulce, Beninar and Berja, her admiration, awe and love are most apparent. Tapas makes the reader feel that he or she knows these people, and the countryside and the villages where they live.

“Tapas is magic. The author has served up a banquet of vignettes of life in Southern Spain that is like a table covered with ‘tapas’, the little snacks sold in bars to accompany a glass of the local wine. Some bars have their own specialties; people in the know go from one bar to another to enjoy the best.” –W.E. Sackston

“Told with an affectionate eye and a talented pen.” GOOD TIMES.

“The warmth of the country and Spanish daily life are portrayed with perception and love. “You give us new eyes (they told her). You make our lives beautiful.”” THE GAZETTE (Montreal)

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