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Lois MacIsaac has chosen the medium of poetry to tell the story of her life. In this collection we visit her childhood home in Trenton, Nova Scotia, her family and two grandmothers. We see her living in Montreal, working for steamship companies at the end of WW II. Then we meet Johnnie Vokey – with a black eye – and wait for three months before they marry. Their family of five children is portrayed in verse, in tales about their lively life.

Now that the poet lives alone, she has time to reflect upon her life and often thinks back to her childhood in the Maritimes. She describes her mother and father with nostalgia, love and humour. Through her sharp eyes, we see incidents that take us back to that time in our own lives. Coal mining, battleship linoleum, the Depression, stealing Jackie Dan’s front porch … memories shared with children and grandchildren and now with us all. Profits from this book are donated to the West Island Palliative Care Residence.

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