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“Most young families divide themselves into thieves and liars. In my young life, I managed to be both.”

Sheila’s Take is a book of memory with cognizance. This unique collection of short stories, the focus of a sharp eye and easy smile, is told with the voice of a poet and the touch of a common, everyday sensibility. The author brings to life the memories of an Irish childhood and young adulthood, concluding with the bittersweet circumstances of mid-life.

In a boisterous, complicated, loving and very large catholic family Sherila Kindellan-Sheeehan found her voice. Now, in the journey back to the world of her past, she brings us compelling stories, full of hard-won wisdom and grace, and the best description of the snowsuit imprisonment I’ve ever read.” –Karen Levine, CBC. 2003 bestseller in Montreal.

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