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This tribute to the strength and courage of her grandparents, parents and their families in WWII gives voice to those who perished, leaving a legacy for the children and grandchildren of the poet. She says, “As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, this book is my effort to remember and honour my heritage, keep our traditions and share my love of life.

Owning new shoes became an important way of proving we had made it as Canadians. As a young girl, and well into my teens, my wardrobe consisted of secondhand shoes and hand-me-downs. I always felt that this was how most girls dressed but then I discovered otherwise. I found that I was not ashamed but proud to have parents who sacrificed for my future.”

I am a child born of sorrow and joy,

of ashes and light,

a miracle, come to rekindle those flames

lost in the darkness.

I will keep the flame.

It will burn bright, and its glow

will caress those who come near

and give warmth and guidance to those

who doubt its endurance.

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