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“This booklet began as a paper written after a controversy over the development of a lot on Ste-Anne Street near the intersection of Kent Street. There had been a large wooden house, once used by the Red Cross, which later became a mixed-use establishment. Upon the demolition of the building it was proposed to erect a brasserie, which it was feared would extend a noisy aspect of Ste-Anne life into a quiet desirable residential area. A citizen opposition committee carried the question to court and secured the preventation of the brasserie.

For a time the committee continued to interest itself in the affairs of the town. Several studies were prepared for discussion. The following was prepared in 1982 and was somewhat revised in 1999.” –from the Preface

“From a French-Quebec settlement to a unique multicultural town, Ste-Anne has grown in five distinct quartiers.” John Bland, former Director of the School of Architecture at McGill University, explores the history and social development of this unique town and the variety of its urban planning and architectural styles. This is a companion to A Historical Walking Tour.

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