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What does it mean to be a pilgrim—to walk in these modern times over an ancient way? To cross two countries, walking every day with blisters on your feet through rain or shine, over mountains and dusty plains? Paul Myers decided to join company with the thousands who walk the ancient pilgrimage route that leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He became a pilgrim.

Yet often the author was alone for miles with only his thoughts. He tells us about some of these. We also observe the varied landscape with him and meet some of his fellow travellers. We see wide open skies and touristy towns. We see the various churches, including the cathedral with its famous rooster. But most of all, we contemplate life with him as he steps along with his walking stick. He muses about his youth and the ability to pack light. He thinks of his friends and favourite songs. He contemplates love and hate, success and failure, courage and fear, and mysteries of the human journey. Thoughts like these.

He shares his pilgrimage with us—the good and the bad—and as we go ever forward with him to the end of El Camino, we discover something about ourselves in our own journeys through life. And it is good.

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