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Sailors will tell you to keep the red buoy on your right when returning to harbour. Joan Eyolfson Cadham has returned to harbour after an unforgettable voyage.

Red Right Returning is a love story — about a boat with a soul and the journey of two unsure people who fought their way to an enduring friendship. Because Jack and Joan discovered they both liked good food, included in the book are some of their favourite galley recipes. This book is not a recipe for a successful relationship; it is rather a menu of trials, tribulations and joys of the Skipper and the Viking, plus a few practical lessons about taking on the bounding waves in a small sailboat.

“The Skipper and the Viking, middle-aged newlyweds on an old wooden sloop, survive high seas and old habits on their Quebec and Ontario cruises. The author’s genuineness … practicality and self-deprecating humour enliven this sailing primer, cookbook, eulogy, and love story. Recipes (for galley cooking) allow for the rigors and joys of sailing.” – MONTREAL REVIEW OF BOOKS

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