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In Western Canada, Cliff and his brothers and sisters inherit a legacy of addiction. Their battle to lead normal lives is constantly thwarted, but Mom is their anchor. Bullied by years by their father, Cliff’s brother, Clark, plots revenge; then Clark’s life ends with a strange twist of fate. Cliff, after many years of addiction, finally finds help, understanding and peace of mind.

“‘So many straight people don’t know what it means to be an alcoholic,’ writes the author. No one who reads this searing memoir will remain ignorant of the ravages of alcohol on family and friends, physical and sexual abuse, broken relationships, lost children and murder are all skilfully woven into this tragic tapestry. So is the author’s personal triumph at the end. A must-read for anyone interested in one of the most destructive maladies of our times.” –Neil McKenty.

“Will Chomos talks. He relives alcoholism, family patterns of addiction and broken lives. He talks about recovery. In the Blood is a chronicle of destruction, but it is also a lesson in hope. It’s a subject we need to talk about.”– Joan Eyolfson Cadham

Shortlisted for the 2004 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

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