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A Montreal classic, long out-of-print, is again available (with a new chapter) to delight a new generation of readers. Mary’s aunt has had a stroke and is staying in Mary’s room, while Mary sleeps on the couch and dreams of reclaiming her space.

Living in N.D.G., Mary attends St. Augustine’s school, much to her chagrin and that of the nuns. She and her friends live in the world of Depression-era cent candy, the Golden Chariot, Ma Perkins, the old-clothes man, and Shirley Temple.

The trappings of the day were special to the times but the problems and turmoil of growing up are timeless. How Mary worries away at her aunt and finally takes action leads to unexpected consequences.

Whether rereading or reading the book for the first time, we will recall the feel of childhood and remember the girl in a Red River coat.

Mary Peate also wrote The Girl in a Sloppy Joe Sweater.

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