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“One spring day in 1958, Ken Withers, then CBC Montreal’s Program Director, phoned to ask if I’d like to have my own radio program. The question came as such a surprise that I almost talked myself out of it.” Suburban housewife and mother Mary Peate agreed and so began what would become the very popular network show, “Tea & Trumpets,” which would run from 1958 to 1965.

Using a mixture of personal experiences, comments on society and culture — with generous helpings of humour — the show also featured music from the Peates’ extensive record collection. Her humorous, quirky tales of family life in suburbia were always a favourite.

The book is a picture of suburban life before the Vietnam War, when a housewife on national radio was a rarity and toreador pants were not. It is also a fascinating look at early days of CBC Radio and Television and some of its key players. The author’s own life and the social life of the time coincide with this exciting era of the CBC.

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