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Daily Oddities and MiraclesReaders should know the poems were written under extremely trying circumstances. Forming the letters of each word of each poem was a triumph of execution.

Peter writes about what he sees, hears, and feels while confined to his bed or wheelchair in his residence. The work is a tribute to his determination, courage, and optimism in the face of enormous challenges.

“When asked what stimulated his desire to create and particularly to write poetry Peter once responded, ‘It’s important not to try too hard ….not to make an effort. It’s like swimming in a boundless ocean and not drowning ….you become a speck in the limitlessness of time and space, allowing the spirit of the universe to enter you’. It is this approach to nature which inhabits Peter’s poetry. He sees what is real in our everyday world and exposes it in all its richness, harshness, and beauty.”

Jim Heywood

“With courage and tenacity, the poet brings true emotion to his reader – as he does in the poem, ‘Sleep’, which promises, seeks and delivers what it takes to face life as it is.”

Jon Torell


Peter Conn was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1941.

After studying at Glasgow University and Hull University, he taught in England, France and Belgium. In 1967 he emigrated to Canada and taught in the Montreal area until chosen as Pedagogical Consultant for the Lakeshore School Board. He taught French language literature and pedagogy at Carleton University, Queens’ University and McGill University, respectively.

Multiple Sclerosis forced him into early retirement in 1992. Since then he devoted himself to art, photography, and most recently, poetry.

In 1972 he married Linda Speed. Their children are John and Jennifer. Peter died on September 4, 2012.


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