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“Life doesn’t worry about first impressions. It just makes them. Sometimes the result of a meeting between life and me was anything but predictable. Mulling over these meetings was the catalyst that brought me to the realization that life didn’t plan to fit into the mold I had fashioned for it. If anything was going to change, it had to be me, and flexibility has never been one of my greatest virtues.

Initially our meetings were recorded as journal entries to be read and enjoyed by my children after I died. Then I began collecting them as humorous magazine article ideas. They did not start out as humorous. Some of them I would have killed to avoid! But after writing them down and stepping back to view them in the company of hindsight, they were reflective, funny and didactic. There are hundreds of them stored in the closets of my mind and my computer as my forty-second year proves to be no less eventful than the forty-one years that came before it.

Connections is a selection of these vignettes, chosen with an eye to showing my connections to prairie, farm, family, and animals, with the hope that readers will make their own connections to the stories. These pieces can’t be shared without risking some vulnerability on my part, but I’ll take the risk. After all, life had to take me at face value, too.” –Prologue, Kathy Regier.

“Country verses about animals wild and tame, family life, farm work, and themes of challenge, compassion and survival. Broken plumbing, stars, mice, and children get equal billing. Country and city dwellers alike will enjoy the connections in Kathleen Regier’s poems, her stream of consciousness style and the humor and insight she brings to everyday events.” GOOD TIMES

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