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This is a collection of four Camp Journals from the 1940s and 50s from Quebec’s Laurentians. By the time the first one was written in 1945, Freda was 50 years old, Everitt was 55. Two Journals were written at Lac Escalier in Mont Tremblant Park, an area cherished as the oldest National Park in Quebec. At this time it was also the location of the Biological Research Station at Lac Monroe, south of Lac Escalier. The other two Journals were from Labelle and Montcalm territories.

Freda and Everitt Murray likely started making these trips in the mid-1930s on a smaller scale and closer to home, starting from their cottage at Bark Lake, QC. Over the years they explored a total of 22 lakes in the region, as well as trips elsewhere. To think that they so readily took to ‘the bush’ with canoe and up to 200 lbs of packs, and went for days or weeks with their provisions, rods, and love of the wilderness to keep them going.

These are their stories.

Proceeds donated to the Bark Lake Protective Association’s Environment Fund.

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