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“Cabinet Minister appoints mediator”

“Industry pushes conflict resolution training”

“Peer Mediation reduces violence in schools”

“New answers needed for family violence”

Headlines like this are common today.  But what is conflict resolution, and how does mediation work?  Can I increase enjoyment of my home life, and will I be more effective at work if I’m surrounded by mediation culture?

Could mediation make a real difference in my life?

This book answers some commonly asked questions:

– What are the basic kinds of dispute resolution?

– Does mediation work and why is it so powerful?

– How do I prepare myself and choose a mediator?

– Will my life change?

Following 20 years as an investment dealer and counsellor, Dennis Dwyer returned to university to study theology and was ordained a minister in the United Church of Canada in 1981.  After completing ten years of parish work, he devotes his time to the dispute resolution field by studying, teaching and mediating.  He is Chairman of the D & L Freedom Group Inc. of Montreal.  Susan Dwyer has been married to Dennis for 34 years and, along with David Letourneau, is active in The Freedom Group, providing dispute resolution services and mediation training.

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