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The history of the estate of Bere Court commences around 844 and involves Royal visits, the march of invading armies, abbots dragged from priest holes, the execution of a succession of nobles, treason, adventures on foreign shores, bankruptcies, litigation seemingly without end, the odd ghost, and so much more.

There would be some forty owners of Bere Court through it’s history, including members of the highest order in the State and the Church. In 1671 Bere Court would become the property of the Breedon family, their ownership bringing us to modern times.

The fortunes and deeds of these owners of the Estate of Bere Court mimic the thrusting and stumbling stagger of a thousand years of history. The owners would observe, or from their privileged position help mould, England as it emerged from barbarism, survived invasion, conquered and colonized its shores, civilized itself and others, and consolidated its character. Their story is the story of English history.

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