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The City we Share/La ville que nous partageons is full of fresh and lively perspectives on life in Pointe Claire, Quebec.

It contains writings by 35 women and men, some of them well-known writers, others making their first appearance in print. Through their observant eyes, Pointe Claire comes to life in all its surprising diversity. The authors include Stephane Bolster, Jane Barclay, Chris Galvin, Lori Weber and Donna Nebenzahl.

Ce livre est bilingue: neuf textes sont en français, incluant des oeuvres de fiction, des poèmes et des essais. Parmi les auteurs on retrouve Pascal Carette, Helene Ferland, Frantz Mars, Jan J. Dominique et Claire Pelletier.

In prose and petry, fiction and non-fiction alike, The City we Share/La Ville que nous partageons explores the lives of the people who make up Pointe Claire – from new immigrants to oldtimers, and from teenagers to the parish priest.

This is, in the end, a book about community. For a community relies not just on its physical resources; it relies on its people.

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