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Our Vision

Shoreline began in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, almost twenty six years ago. It had a simple but worthy ambition — to make the best books possible for first-time authors of quality work. Today, though it has changed and grown along the way, Shoreline’s ambition remains largely the same.

A Team Approach to Publishing

Senior editor Judith Isherwood says that operating Shoreline “is akin to gambling. In what other business do the owners, without grants, take a creative work by a total stranger, spend much time, energy and money to make it into a superior product, pay percentages to distributors, royalties to authors, and for overhead, and still expect to survive to produce the next book?” Shoreline has managed to beat the odds largely because of the combined effort of its authors and staff all working together. Through its authors-helping-authors concept, Shoreline uses proceeds from previous books to publish its next book. Authors help to promote their own book, through talks, signings, readings, and interviews, which results in more sales, which paves the way for the next book.

Another feature of Shoreline’s team approach is its internship program, which has introduced many to the field of publishing. Working with editorial staff, graphic designers and authors, interns learn all facets of publishing. Their contributions, in turn, help an independent press to survive for the next emerging author.

Judith Isherwood

Owner and senior editor of Shoreline, was born and raised beside Chesapeake Bay, and now lives in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, with a view of the Ottawa River. An author herself, Judith has written five books (The Lakeshore Chamber Music Society: The First Twenty Years; A Grassroots Chronicle; Randonnée à pied de/A Historical Walking Tour of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue; Down to Earth; Tickets: A Play in One Act) and also co-edited Visiting Scholar, Geoffrey B. Isherwood: A Reader for Educational Leaders. Her short stories, articles, reviews, and poetry have appeared in The Gazette, Readers’ Digest, Shore Writers’ Sampler, The Atlantic Advocate, Zymergy, and The McGill Journal of Education.

Shoreline Book Translations

  • Zsuzsa not Zsazsa into French
  • Shulamis into French
  • Tapas into Spanish
  • Shulamis into Italian
  • Texts and Supplemental Reading
  • Healing Waters
  • A Gentleman and a Scholar
  • A Walking Tour
  • Handbook: An English Program for Students with Learning Disabilities, Secondary I, II and III
  • This Business of Family: Preventing and Resolving Disputes in Family-Owned Businesses
  • Beyond Jargon: What you need to know about Mediation — A Canadian Perspective
  • The September Years
  • Shulamis: Stories from a Montreal Childhood