Author: David Marcel Létourneau, Joan Eyolfson & Dennis Dwyer

Synopsis: David Marcel Letourneau, from a Conservative theological background, considers himself to be religious, yet now rarely attends church. Joan Eyolfson Cadham, from a Lutheran/United Church upbringing, is now a professing Roman Catholic. Rev. Dennis Dwyer, a former investment counsellor, is now a United Church minister.

Over a two-year span, these three sought out hundreds of Canadians and listened to their anger and their hopes. They found… George, who left the church because “No matter what the subject was supposed to be, it all came back to sin; especially sins of the flesh.” Judy, who wants church to address “our sleazy governments and being a person of your word.” John, who remembers the minister as “a powerful person who said NO!” Nevin, Peter, and Ann; people for whom the church has real relevance. 

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Religious

Price: $14.95

Published in: 1992

No. of Pages: 170

ISBN: 0969518013