Author: Vi Bercovitch

The white-haired lady sits before the first-year medical students, fielding their questions on geriatrics. A young man asks, “And do you associate mainly with people your own age?” “No, I don’t,” she answers. Surprised, the young man says, “Oh… and… why not?” She smiles faintly at his innocence. “Well,” she says, “They’re all dead.”

This is Vi Bercovich at 95 — a tiny bundle of delight and wisdom. Her poetry makes us nod in agreement, smile at life’s absurdities and laugh at the aging person in each of us. After her January 1993 radio interview in “Open House”, the CBC received a record number of calls and letters, asking for copies of her poems — proof that looking into the mirror of one’s life does indeed produce a reflection of us all.

The oldest member of the Canadian Authors’ Association and a member of the oldest branch of CAA (Montreal), Vi Bercovitch is amazed at her poetry’s appeal. “It must be that people can understand it,” she says. “It’s simple.” But she is pleased — and her mother would have been, too.

Genre: Bilingual Poetry

Published in: 2001

No. of Pages:

ISBN: 9781896754239