Author: J. Euclide Caza

Synopsis: Euclide was a man whose great energy was directed heart and soul toward his profession (dental surgery), his town (Huntingdon, Quebec), his friends, family and community interests. Then one day, “a slender vein became blocked by a tiny clot of blood weighing a fraction of a gram, derailing him, rendering him hors de combat.”

He was encouraged by his brother O.E., a surgeon, to keep a journal. Euclide’s journal took the form of letters to his brother Romé. Two decades after Euclide’s death, Margaret, wife of Romé’s son Renaud, became intrigued by the tattered onionskin sheets. With the considerable help of Renaud, she translated the letters. Now, nearly two decades later, she has annotated them to better acquaint readers with the setting of Euclide’s story.

The author’s first book, Walk Alone Together: Portrait of a French-English Marriage, tells of Margaret and Renaud’s experiences as they blend the two solitudes around building a business and raising a family in Renaud’s hometown, the small Quebec village of St. Anicet. Nominated for the 1990 Stephen Leacock Award, the book is a delightful, warm-hearted story of life and love.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Translation

Price: $18.95

Published in: 1996

No. of Pages: 160

ISBN: 0969875274