Author: Bess Burrows Rivett

Synopsis: The fact that my mother decided to write a book when she was well into her late seventies did not surprise me. There is very little that my mother decides to do that surprises me anymore—nor would it be wise to try to dissuade her, although I did manage to get her to re-think her decision to go ice-skating with her grandson last year, when she was eighty-one.

What did surprise me was how very interesting her story was. There were no earth-shattering experiences, no fascinating discoveries, no gripping adventures, but I found myself being taken back to a calmer time where enjoyments were far simpler and life was more serene. I found myself becoming very involved with this spirited, impish, mischievous child, and enjoying the innocence of that era.  –Joan Rivett.

The time: 1914-1931. The setting: Montreal and St. Lambert. The characters: Bess’s family and friends. The theme: joys, trials and tribulations of growing up and coming of age in Quebec. The music: Schumann’s Kinderscenen. The result: a delightful look back at a childhood of comfort and wonder, plus lessons from the school of hard knocks.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Published in: 1996

No. of Pages: 94

ISBN: 0969875282