Author: Jerry Ray Nelson

Synopsis: Can it really become so hot that steam will rise from your sweaty body? It can happen, when the wind shifts and the heat of a forest fire is that intense. Emergency Fire Fighters (EFF), having been trained in safety and firefighting, know to expect the unexpected, as occasionally fires do turn on them.

A surprising number of dedicated men and women, many of whom are Native Alaskans, spend their summers fighting forest fires in Alaska. Smoke Jumpers and Hot Shots are dispatched from the military style bases where they live. Emergency Fire Fighters live at home and belong to crews based in their villages. The EFF crews are called upon mainly to assist the Smoke Jumpers and Hot Shots fight fires by making fire breaks and mopping up after the flames are out.

EFF crews are close-knit groups and this camaraderie is responsible for heroic action. Is also sometimes responsible for foolishness aimed at relieving tension, as well as reviving bodies and spirits.Alaska Burningis the story of the firefighters of Eagle, Alaska, told by Jerry Nelson, who was a crew member and boss for many years. A fire season for this hardy crew may be arduous (and sweaty) but certainly, never dull.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $19.95

Published in: 1998

No. of Pages: 144

ISBN: 189675404X