Author: Arnold Ruskell

Synopsis: Arnold Ruskell spent from 1946 to 1951 in Fort Chimo and Lake Harbour in the Eastern Arctic as an Anglican missionary. His flock, the Inuit, lived the life of their ancestors, untarnished by outside influences.

The Inuit were reserved, stoic and fatalistic, yet cheerful, resourceful, and generous. Still fascinated by the people and their ability to survive in a hostile land, the author has, forty-five years later, written this story from his diaries of those years. His story is not a religious work, but rather an often hair-raising account of his experiences among the Inuit in the Eastern Arctic. A link between past and present, it is a description of a way of life which no longer exists. Says the author, “It was an unforgettable experience, laced with vivid memories which have endured for nearly half a century.”

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $19.95

Published in: 1997

No. of Pages: 158

ISBN: 0969775290