Author: Leslie Minturn Allison

Synopsis: “Mildred Minturn was born at a time (1875) when girls, particularly of her class, were expected to be totally dependent first upon their fathers, and then upon their husbands …” (From the Preface)

Mildred’s college education at Bryn Mawr exposed her to the world of ideas and lifelong friends. There, she met Bertrand Russel, who was to become such a great influence in her life. Her travels through Europe opened her mind, as did meetings with such diverse figures as George Santayana, Rodin, Axel Munthe, and socialist leaders of the day.

Mildred Minturngives us an intimate, turn-of-the-century glimpse of the hopes, frustrations, love of family, and quest for a life’s meaning of an uncommon woman.

Genre: Non-fiction/Biography

Price: $18.95

Published in: 1995

No. of Pages: 192

ISBN: 0969875231