Author: Wilhelmina Fair Hayes

Synopsis: My grandmother, Wilhelmina Hayes, was born on September 28, 1920 in Scotland. She and her family moved to a farm in New Brunswick when she was eight years old. They moved to escape hard times but settled in an isolated community where making a living was more difficult than in Scotland. Five years after the move, Wilhelmina’s mother died of cancer. At the age of thirteen, my grandmother was left to take care of her two younger sisters. Due to the lack of money, she had to leave school at the end of eight grade to help her father with the housework and the children. In 1942, she married Lloyd Hayes who was a farmer and a lumberman. In order to make money, they lived in a lumber camp during the winters, where my grandmother cooked for thirty men. Despite having very little money, my grandparents managed to put all five of their children through university.

In spite of hard times, no money, little education and no mother figure, Wilhelmina managed to achieve her goals. She worked hard and her life story has made me appreciate my family and all the opportunities available to me.  –From “My Grandmother” by Elissa Breau.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $17.95

Published in: 2000

No. of Pages: 82

ISBN: 978 1896754161