Author: A. Margaret Caza

Synopsis: When twenty-two-year-old Margaret Crawford of Campbellton, New Brunswick, married Renaud Caza of St. Anicet, Quebec, she knew how to type business letters, hail a taxi, and boil an egg. Not wonderful skills for running a household in the country with three small children and a loving but demanding husband. Her friends had warned her about the two solitudes, but many a time she wished there were only two. Margaret had been raised in the city, Renaud in a tiny farming community on Lake St. Francis. She was English, he French. Her faith: Protestant, his: Roman Catholic. She liked intimate dinner parties, he thrived on all-night community banquets, dances, and family reunions.

Margaret Caza will have you laughing out loud as she paints a true-life portrait of her marriage, taking you from their hilarious experiences in building and renovating their house on Lake St. Francis, to the deepening of their love through the thick and thin of raising three children to adulthood.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $21.95

Published in: 1990

No. of Pages: 202

ISBN: 0773724303