Author: Bess Burrows Rivett

Synopsis: Irrepressible, Bess Rivett is back again, this time with asequel to her first book, Looking Back.

Looking Westis so named because the Rivett family moves to Vancouver when Don retires from banking. Ironically, in a few years he becomes a victim of Alzheimer’s. 

Bess spends many years caring for Don. For Bess, diversions help, one of which is Brock House, dedicated to leisure activities for retired people in Vancouver. She is also asked to participate in a research project that takes her to England—investigating the cause of death of Florence Nightingale, a mystery that Bess tackles with her usual sense of curiosity and wonder.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $16.95

Published in: 2002

No. of Pages: 92

ISBN: 978-1896754147