Author: Laurel Buck

Synopsis: The Spiral Roadis an evocative sequel to her previous memoir Stream of Memory, and a haunting prequel to her Roots Beneath the Pavement. Her life’s journey now takes her from her adopted home in Alberta, to her spiritual home in Ireland—the original home of her Quebec ancestors—where she discovers that the attachment to home and heart is as deep and as binding as the longing to escape it.

Taking on the mantle of the Celtic bards of old, Laurel tells some of her story in poetry and bravely shines a light into the darker corners of her own life’s landscape. This book is a meditation and celebration, as well as, in Laurel’s words, “a multi-faceted love story.”  –Brian Brennan.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $18.95

Published in: 2003

No. of Pages: 112

ISBN: 9781896954288