Author: Wilf Chomos

Synopsis: Mom had been beaten enough. The rest of us had been ridden pretty hard, as well. My older brother, Clark, still had the split lip and gash in his forehead where Dad had hit him with the shovel a couple of weeks before. My three older sisters had their share of scars, both emotional and physical. I was also bruised up pretty badly from my eight years with Dad. We were like hopeless prisoners in a concentration camp, living with a begrudging acceptance of our situation. We seldom complained, because that would have made matters worse. He said he’d kill us all if we betrayed him. It wasn’t something he said over and over again: he said it just enough to make us take him seriously. That was, until one day during the fall of 1957.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Alcoholism

Price: $19.95

Published in: 2003

No. of Pages: 175

ISBN: 9781896754291