Author: Muriel Gold

Synopsis: On his way to Saskatchewan to teach in 1912, Bernard Haltrecht met Dora Ratner in Montreal. Dora went to work for the Grand Trunk Railway and waited for him to return to her. After attending Queen’s University, Bernard did return and married Dora in 1921. The letter they had written during this period were the inspiration for this book.

They moved to St. Louis Square in Montreal and Bernard became a founding director of JIAS, Jewish Immigrant Aid Society, where he helped rescue Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe. After Muriel and Stanley were born, Bernard tried to enter the McGill law school. Determined, he challenged the Board of Notaries and won. He became a respected Notary, but did not live to old age.

Tell my Why the Nights are Lonesome, covering three generations, is a slice of Canadian history lovingly told by Muriel Gold.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Price: $22.95

Published in: 2004

No. of Pages: 169

ISBN: 9781896754314