Author: Russell Bain

Synopsis: N.D.G. (Notre Dame de Grace) was a boy’s paradise. After WWI, the farms were being replaced by development housing, furnishing young boys, after the workmen had gone home, with boards, nails and whatever else they could find, and providing unfinished houses to explore.

Russell Bain remembers the times and events, John Collings sketches the boys and others in this “suburban” Montreal setting. The Westward Amateur Athletic Association, Montreal Maroons, Les Canadiens, were models for the “Bulldogs” of Old Orchard Avenue.

Ma Heller’s snack bar was popular with teams from Trenholm Park, N.D.G. Park and Loyola. Ma Heller posted a list of N.D.G. bots serving in the forces in WWII. And the bells of St. Augustine’s were a part of N.D.G. life.

Russell Bain and John Collins, friends for over eighty years, take us back to a wonderful time when they were growing up in N.D.G.

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir

Price: $19.95

Price: $22.95

Published in: 2007

No. of Pages: 52

ISBN: 9781896754538