Author: Judy Isherwood

Synopsis: In pain, Cora lies in a hospital bed after her operation, feeling alone and helpless after the insensitive treatment by her doctor and nurse. Enter Ti-gars (Cowboy), a Quebec handyman who is working on the roof. He and Cora constantly clash as Cora rejects his efforts to help her, unaware that he needs her help as well, in order to solve his own dilemma.

Quebec country music, plus songs of Nashville and Jamaica, help further the plot of this comedy-drama. The play presents a light-hearted look at the too-familiar problems of patient alienation and helplessness. It is also not an accident that Cora and Ti-gars must work together if they want to solve their problem.Four characters, a simple set, some lively music, and a cowboy hat—these are the ingredients for this humorous yet thought-provoking play. Ticketswas first presented at a nursing conference on patient care held at Montreal General Hospital.

Genre: One-Act Play, Comedy, Drama

Price: $9.95

No. of Pages: 61

ISBN: 1896754031