Author: Sharon Callaghan

Synopsis: Alongside tens of thousands of other Irish immigrants, John and Bridget Callahan arrived in Montreal during the 1840s. Vital statistic records didn’t reveal enough to local history enthusiast Sharon Callahan, who longed to know more about her ancestors’ lives. While spending much time delving deeper into archival collections, she discovered many fascinating facts that helped her put together a picture of the nine decades through which the couple and their children had lived. In their quest to build a new and better life, John and Bridget had clung to a faith to which they gave three sons. The family had dealt with events and emotions ranging from celebrations to crises, as they adapted to physical and social changes around them.

Paths of Opportunity is a portrayal of the Irish Montreal experience of one family among many who helped make Montreal what it is today.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Irish Ancestry

Price: $18.95

Published in: 2009

No. of Pages: 136

ISBN: 9781896754659