Author: Helen Liss Ivanhoe Smart

Synopsis: In 1949 on a remote homestead in Northern Alberta, Helen Liss marries an American oil geologist who takes her to the dusty desert town of Taft, California. Thrust into a world unfamiliar to her pioneer background, she experiences cultural shock. She’s a foreigner in a foreign land.

In agonizing isolation, she mourns the sudden death of a favorite brother. She endures a debilitating miscarriage, and a three-month-long, near-death bout with San Joaquin Valley fever. Two young stepchildren further test her resilience and strength, as she struggles to find her identity and place in these first years of marriage.

The author relates accounts from these early years of Taft, from her husband’s humorous “get rich quick” real estate ventures, to her independent 2000-mile drive to Alberta.

In the absence of true love and support from her husband, she must draw her own deep reservoirs of strength. With a determined will and a strong resolve, Helen shows her unconquerable pioneer spirit. This is the true story of her struggles, and her ultimate successes.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Published in: 2011

No. of Pages: 175

ISBN: 9781896754970