Author: A. Margaret Caza

Synopsis: Margaret and Renaud (Walk Alone Together) are back, this time on the road – or in the air. After eight years of establishing a business, building a home and raising a family, they decide to try and escape winter.

Before their marriage, Margaret had donned a parachute harness and boarded a converted B-52 bomber that took her to a remote U.S.A.F. base in Greenland, where she worked and pondered her life with or without Renaud.

Now they are ready to take off together. Their first trip is towing a tiny, red, tear-drop trailer in which they camp for two months. Subsequent travels involve the Auto Train, a plain that blows its engine after take-off, and staying in the motel from hell. The list goes on… But most of the time they end up in Florida.

The author’s off-beat take on life and her sense of humour target unexpected happenings. She says, “You don’t have to be rich to have a rich, happy, fulfilling life. You just have to walk hand-in-hand, carry one suitcase (each, preferably) and enjoy!!”

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Humorous

Price: $19.95

Published in: September 2011.

No. of Pages: 166

ISBN: 9781896754932