Author: Clifford Lincoln

Synopsis: A the urging of his granddaughter Shannon, Clifford Lincoln chronicles some of the salient episodes of his life in active politics.

Could a dare made in jest have contributed to the demise of the Meech Lake Accord? Should he have been fired after the St. Basile toxic fire, as some pundits demanded? Would Canada have joined the Iraq war had the then Official Opposition been the government of today? Can faith and politics be reconciled?

Lincoln’s words and answers on these and many other issues are direct, frank, and challenging, and give us much food for thought.

Three aspects of his life are intertwined—homeland: the island of Mauritius; politics: over two decades as a Member of the National Assembly of Quebec and as a member of Parliament of Canada, and his family. Readers will thank Shannon for her very good idea…

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir, Politics

Published in: December 2012.

No. of Pages: 341

ISBN: 9781926953182