Author: Robert H. Tessier

Synopsis: Robert Tessier’s is literally a voice in the wilderness—a voice that cries for mankind to awaken, look around and behold the effects of civilization upon the planet. It is the fervent hope of the author that man would then pause to consider his own place in the environment and his responsibility to help preserve it.

Grey Elk is the voice that urges this reflection in Robert Tessier’s declamatory poem. As Grey Elk confronts representatives of early settlers, religion, government, and the president himself, he listens to their arguments defending the desecration of the planet, and then counters with his own convictions. Using Native North America as his foundation stone, he pleads for a return to basic values, respect and love of nature, and a re-evaluation of current destructive practices.

Genre: Poetry, Environmentalist

Price: $11.95

Published in: 1999

No. of Pages: 79

ISBN: 9781896754093