Author: Brenda Spigelman Ajzenkopf

Synopsis: The poetry of Brenda Ajxenkopf is hopeful and forward looking, despite the fate of her family in Poland. It celebrates her grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, and friends. It pays tribute to courage, adaptability, integrity, and supporting one another.

The photograph on the front cover shows the poet with her parents on their way to the ship that would carry them to Canada. Her mother has penned on the back of the photo, “So happy!” After all they had experienced, they were on their way to a new land, about which they knew nothing. Together they were setting out with hope and anticipation on a new adventure and a new life.

Those who gave their clothes and shoes to those in need – as still happens today -n were dressing many who had no possessions at all. The immigrants who received aid – including second-hand shoes – after the horrors of war, made them feel, as the poet says, “so lucky.”

This book, a tribute to the strength and courage of her parents and their families, gives voice to those who perished, leaving a legacy for children and grandchildren. She explains: “As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, this book is my effort to remember and honour my heritage, keep our traditions and share my love of life.”

Genre: Poetry

Price: $14.95

Published in: 2008

No. of Pages: 88

ISBN: 9781896754734