Author: Robert Caverhill Jones

Synopsis: When the notorious archcriminal Sebastian Fetters is snatched from a police van by a gang of international spies, the evil Fetters vows revenge against Tommy Barraclough, a poor fishing lad who had been instrumental in his capture. In this rollicking, tongue-in-cheek adventure—the second in the Tommy Barraclough series—Tommy has his hands full, not only with his fearful rival, but also with a new nemesis, the cold and calculating master spy Martin Gruber. To make matters worse, his rambunctious girlfriend, Catherine Cobbler, unhappy at watching him from the sidelines, plunges headfirst and recklessly into the fray.

Stuffed full with interesting characters like Benjamin Swiveley, who sells snippets of information for a living; the mentally-challenged Hum, who keeps his treasures hidden in a tin under a pile of straw; or the Great Bandini, the strongman from the travelling fair; Nothing Ventured takes the reader on an exciting and unpredictable romp through mayhem, murder, and mischief to an exciting conclusion.

Genre: Fiction/Mystery, Suspense

Published in: 2011

No. of Pages: 293

ISBN: 9781896754956