Author: Robert Caverhill Jones

Synopsis: Crayford Village 1927, a poverty-driven hamlet on a rugged seacoast is the home to Tommy Barraclough, the son of a poor fisherman. The young man has no prospects and no future. That is, until a wild brawl in the town pub between rival smugglers accidentally places a strange package in Tommy’s hands. That package will change his life forever and lead to a series of harrowing adventures as Tommy attempts to outwit the notorious and dangerous smuggler known to the police only as Fetters.

Written by Robert Caverhill Jones, formerly an English teacher, elementary and secondary school principal, university supervisor, and boy’s camp director; this ambitious tale of derring-do is in the rich tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson. Combining humour with high drama, this rousing saga is a captivating read for everyone.

Genre: Fiction/Mystery, Suspense

Price: $21.95

Published in: 2008

No. of Pages: 250

ISBN: 9781896754611