Author: Robert Caverhill Jones

Synopsis: When a prominent and much-honoured archeologist from the British Museum stumbles on an unexpectedly valuable discovery in a small English town, he quickly decides that the time has come to reward himself and not the Museum. But the rich find is both big and heavy and to spirit it away without the knowledge of the Museum requires help. Fortunately, a long-avoided cousin is a notorious black sheep, and surely will put aside his old grievances if there is a nest egg to be pocketed. Time to put aside old wounds and plan together.

However, these best-laid plans lead to mayhem and murder, and when two young innocents –Tommy Barraclough and Catherine Cobbler — both members of a traveling fair — become entangled in deadly affairs beyond their understanding, the fat is really in the fire.

The third in the Tommy Barraclough trilogy, this stand-alone tale is so full of unexpected twists and turns that Tommy and Catherine. always too sure of themselves, recklessly blunder their way into one frightening predicament after another.

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Published in: August 2014.

No. of Pages: 187

ISBN: 9781926953236