Author: Tuan Robertson

Synopsis: Stroll through Point-Claire Village, Quebec, with author Taun Robertson as he recounts tales of his early Lakeshore years, focusing on many of the residents who defined his community through the 40s and 50s. This typical Lakeshore village grew with the addition of summer homes after WWI and new young families after WWII. Anecdotes of business owners, families, WWII air-raid drills, local war heroes, that RAF Ferry Command, a Venezuelan revolutionary, and the sailors of Pointe-Claire Yacht Club come together to tell a big story about a small town. Taun and his brother, Ian, became yachtsmen like their father, Ross Robertson.

Years of cruising and racing at the PCYC instilled a passion in many sailors that would last a lifetime. After fifty years, Taun’s memories are as clear as the sparkling waters of Lac St-Louis on a breezy race day. O, those Lakeshore days…

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir

Published in: September 2015.

No. of Pages: 295

ISBN: 1926953311