Author: Serge Sabourin

Synopsis: These stories were first told to friends, later to a wider audience. At one such story-telling session, we taped them and spent the next two years writing them down. What delights me about the stories is the humanity that comes across: the light, humorous, respectful account of living with Indian folk for a while, and how easy it is to attach yourself to them. –Jon Torell, Editor.

These stories capture particular moments in the daily life of Indian people. Sabourin slips aside to let them become the heroes of their own story. It is a masterful technique. Each ‘slice of life’ is unique but opens a door to understanding the maelstrom that is India. –William Young, Montreal Gazette.

Some books take us away to places we’ve never been, others bring us inward to visit our own hearts. Serge Sabourin’s The White Handkerchiefand Other Stories journeys both directions at once. With humility, charm, style and grace, Sabourin reveals that the most exotic place on earth in the human spirit within, and we’re fortunate to have him guiding the tour. –Jason Heroux, Good Evening, Central Laundromat.

Genre: Non-Fiction/Anthology

Published in: 2016

No. of Pages: 84

ISBN: 971926953502